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What Will Void My Roofing Warranty?

A roof is a huge investment that is expected to last 20 to 50 years. Before the end of its lifetime, there are different warranties that cover it against unexpected damage. Common ones include manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties. 

While both warranties cover you in case of any problem with your roof, some mistakes can void them. This article looks at different types of roof warranties and the things that might void them. 

Types of Roofing Warranties

Every roof installation comes with different warranties. The warranty covers you against any defects caused by the roofing materials or workmanship. Your roofing manufacturer or contractor provides these warranties to give you peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

Here are the different kinds of roofing warranties and what they cover.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty covers your roofing against any defects that are considered the fault of the manufacturer. The warranty covers any remodeling and repair work needed as a result of the defects. The warranty will not cover other roofing failures caused by poor installation or weather damage. 

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is another common warranty that roofing contractors offer to cover workmanship. It will protect you against any carelessness or mistakes during the installation process. This warranty lasts between 2 and 25 years. It can also be a lifetime, depending on the contractor.

Material Warranty

The material warranty also comes from the roofing manufacturer and covers different roof components. This can also include individual components of the roof. However, the material warranty does not include naturally occurring roofing materials such as slate, tile, or cedar shake. 

Things That Can Void Roofing Warranty

While most of these roof warranties are extensive and can even be lifetime, there are things that can void them. Here are some of the things that might void your roofing warranty.

Poor Installation

One of the problems that homeowners have to deal with is poor roofing installation. This mostly happens if you choose to work with inexperienced and cheap contractors. The result will be poor installation of parts or the entire roof.

Even if you buy the best quality roof, but the installation is bad, the roof won’t last long. When your roof materials get damaged due to poor installation, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover you. They will not cover you if the contractor fails to follow the installation or handling instructions.

Poor installation affects not only your warranty but also your insurance coverage. Your insurance won’t cover you against hail or storm damage if the roof is poorly installed. This is why choosing an experienced and reliable contractor when installing your roofing is always important.

DIY Roof Repair/Installation

If you’re not a professional roofing contractor, installing your roof yourself will void its warranty. Many people prefer doing their own repairs to save money, but you’ll void your warranty by doing so.

If you damage your roofing materials while attempting to repair them, you will void the warranty. Also, your workmanship warranty won’t cover you if you attempt the repair yourself. 

So, before attempting any repair, even if it’s urgent, go back to your warranty and see if you’re covered. If you have a workmanship warranty, let the experts do even the slightest repair. Don’t do it yourself, even if the problem seems minor.

Poor Attic Installation

During roof installation, you should leave the roof open for attic ventilation to allow your roof to breathe properly. Your roof often accumulates hot and cold air, which can damage it if there’s no proper ventilation. This can also damage your attic from the inside and outside.

Your roofing manufacturer won’t cover you if their materials get damaged due to ventilation issues. Work with a contractor who understands the importance of ventilation when installing your roof to avoid nullifying your warranty.

Pressure Washing Your Roof

As your roof ages, it accumulates algae, moss, debris, and all kinds of dirt. While this may not be a problem for some people, others see the need to wash their roofs. Choosing a pressure washer to clean your roof can be your biggest mistake. 

The pressure washer releases water at a very high force, which can damage the roofing membrane or structure. It also washes away the protective membranes from your shingles. With repeated pressure washing, the lifespan of your roof will shorten, and you’ll soon need a replacement.

Your roofing material manufacturer will obviously not offer a warranty for a roof damaged by pressure washing. If you must clean your roof, hire professional roof cleaning companies that understand the right way to do the work without causing damage.

Roof Perforations

Many things go over the roof over time, and most of them end up leaving holes. These could be HVAC units, solar panels, antennas, skylights, or satellite dishes. If you leave holes on the roof while installing any of the above items, you will void the warranty.

If you want to install these items on your roof, you should work with an experienced roofing contractor. They will understand how to install them in a way that doesn’t void both the manufacturer’s and the craftsmanship’s warranties.

Hiring a Different Roofer for the Repairs

The workmanship warranty covers you as long as you stick with the original contractor every time you need roofing work. However, some owners avoid original contractors when doing repairs or different kinds of installation. If another person works on the roof, even if they cause no damage, you will void your workmanship warranty.

Your original contractor won’t cover you for the work done by a different contractor if anything goes wrong. Well, this might not void the warranty for the entire roof, but even part of it may be a big issue. So, always read the fine print from your original contractor about their warranty before hiring anyone else to work for you.

Roofing warranties: conclusion

Voiding your roofing warranty can happen even with a minor mistake you thought was a non-issue. The best thing to do to ensure your warranty is in place for the entire lifetime of your roof is to work with a trusted contractor. They’ll not only do a good job but also avoid simple mistakes that might nullify your craftsmanship or manufacturer’s warranty.

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