How to Maintain A Metal Roof

There’s no denying the impressive durability of metal roofing.

However, it’s a misconception that such roofs don’t require maintenance.

One of the primary reasons to invest in a metal roof is its lasting power. So–why not do everything in your power to optimize that crucial feature?

Below, we’ll provide multiple tips on getting the most out of your metal roof with various maintenance tasks.

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How Much Maintenance Does Your Metal Roof Require?

The excellent news about maintaining your metal roof is its innate durability means the required tasks aren’t an overly frequent occurrence. Still, they must be done.

The frequency with which you maintain your metal roof depends on what type of metal roof you’ve had installed. There are two such types: Screw down and standing seem. Both have their own unique maintenance needs.

Maintaining Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roof maintenance is as free of hassles as maintenance can get after installation. The primary focus will be gas pipes, vent pipes, and other penetrations.

These pipes are equipped with boots and collars–the “weak point” of a metal roofing system pertaining to lasting power.

Periodic checks (and replacements, when necessary) of the flashing surrounding the penetrations will help prevent leaks. Besides that, you’ll only need to clean–a case-by-case choice for every standing seam metal roof owner.

While inspections (preferably done by a roofing professional) are required to maximize your stand seam roof’s lifespan, they aren’t much of a hassle or albatross. It’s a once-annual event. Given the minimal effort required, there’s no point in neglecting it.

To the above point, you ensure yourself the most from your roofing investment by following our maintenance suggestions.

Maintaining Your Screw-Down Metal Roof

A screw-down metal roof has exposed fasteners screwed through the metal panels. Thus, metal panels can’t expand and contract naturally during thermal expansion. 

When screw-down roofs age, the lack of expansion and contraction causes pressure, creating holes in the washers. Screws wallow out these holes. Therefore, these roofs demand more maintenance than their standing seam counterparts.

As such, you’ll need a contractor to replace the screws every five to ten years to prevent leaks. Neglecting to do this will yield costlier, long-term issues and possibly lead to your metal roof being torn clean off by a particularly nasty storm.

We can’t stress the importance of maintaining your screw-down roof correctly. People often do so when it’s too late, and leaks are already prevalent, costing them money and dwindling away the return on their investment.

General Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Above, we delved into specific metal roofs and how they necessitate unique maintenance approaches. Below, we’ll provide more generalized advice on how to best maintain your metal roof.

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Don’t Let Trees Scratch Your Roof

Your metal roofing panels are vulnerable to tree branches blowing in the wind. They can scratch against the structure, causing unsightly imperfections such as dents and cuts. These issues must be treated to offset wear and tear that diminishes the durability of your roof.

Trimming your bushes and trees will offset this risk. The same can be said for professional inspections that help ensure you’re not missing any of this type of damage.

Your Roof Isn’t Meant For Walking

Common sense dictates that you shouldn’t walk on your roof unless you’re a seasoned professional or a competent DIYer. The safety risks aren’t worth it, otherwise.

However, metal roof maintenance best practices present another reason not to walk on your roof. Too much body weight on your metal roof can dent and crack the structure.

There might be situations where climbing the roof is necessary for maintenance. In these instances, examine the manufacturer’s guide for any instructions on this matter. Furthermore, ensure you have a spotter to hold your ladder. Safety first!

Typically, anyone going on your roof should be a contracted pro–like the team members at Canopy. We’re rigorously trained, know how to navigate risks, and will get the job done right, maximizing the lifespan of your metal roof.

Remove Loose Debris

Debris, like branches, twigs, and leaves, will inevitably find a home atop your metal roof–especially if you live in a wooded neighborhood. While precipitation can do a bunch of the work on your behalf, it also often pushes loose debris into your gutter, yielding more damage.

Thoroughly cleaning your metal roof every second week will make a significant difference. All you’ll require is soft-bristled window-cleaning brushes to remove the debris without scraping the metal.

Lastly, don’t spray water beneath your roof edge since it will damage the inside.

Protect Your Roof From Paint

Matching your metal roof with your home’s exterior is typically hassle-free since these roofs are available in multiple colors.

Nevertheless, you might wish to paint your exterior another color at some point. In this instance, don’t allow paint to reach your roof. Spray paint–mainly–will ruin your metal roof’s finish and reduce its lifespan.

Don’t Forget Gutter Cleanings

Gobs of debris will manifest in your gutter system in the blink of an eye, leaving your home susceptible to water damage. Undoubtedly, your metal roofing won’t whittle away as quickly as shingles. Still, excess water exposure will lead to corrosion and rust.

Hiring a roofing professional like Canopy once every couple of months will take gutter cleaning off your hands at a reasonable price, ensuring the job gets done correctly.

The Value Of Hiring A Professional Roofer For Metal Roof Maintenance

You could very well DIY your metal roof maintenance, but these tasks can be a hassle at best and a safety risk at worst.

The ideal way to maximize your metal roofing investment is by hiring roofing professionals to perform the job with skill and efficiency. The upfront cost is reasonable, and the results speak for themselves.

What roofing professional should you call to complete your maintenance tasks? Canopy’s 20-year-long track record of sparkling work stacks up to–and outdoes–our competitors. Contact us today to learn more!

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