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The Best Roofs for Brick Houses

The enduring beauty of a brick house looks best when matched with an appropriate roof. There are almost endless roofing products that suit a brick exterior. 

To narrow things down, start by taking a careful look at the house’s entire façade, profile, and style.

What Color is the Brick?

Start with assessing the brick’s coloring. What’s the overall color composition? Does the brick have a blend of colors or only one? Is it neutral, cool, or warm? How light or dark is it?

How does one brick look close-up versus an entire wall seen from a distance? Stand back from the house and evaluate it from a curbside position. Or look closely at whatever brochures or renderings you have on hand.

Find the brick’s main color, then any additional or complimenting colors, and then the brick’s general cast. Try to match or contrast the colors of the roof with those of the brick.

Best Roofs for White Brick Houses

A white, cream, or beige brick exterior goes well with virtually any roofing color, product, and style. 

Blue roofing adds crispness. Yellow is cheerful and light. Black gives an elegant contrast. Red or rust will add warmth and hominess.

Best Roofs for Gray Brick Houses

Slate roofing is an upscale and tasteful choice for a gray brick house. You also can’t go wrong with standard black asphalt shingles.

But take a careful look at the gray before you decide. Gray can be a blend of white or black. Or it can be a grayed-out version of other colors.

If you are matching a shade of gray, look into roofing products with a deeper, more saturated tone.

Gray-blue brick can be paired with navy blue roofing. Deep purple-gray brick goes nicely with slate, dark grey, or deep purple roofing. Brown-gray brick goes well with black roofing.

Best Roofs for Tan, Gold, or Brown Brick Houses

The warm notes of a tan, gold, or brown brick house look best when paired with a deep brown, red, or black roof.

Blue roofing can also be used, especially for lighter-toned tan, gold, or brown brick.

Best Roofs for Dark, Navy Blue, or Black Brick Houses

Some contemporary housing designs use very dark brick for the home’s exterior. These houses can feature navy blue, dark slate, or tones of black.

The best roof for a dark brick house is a deeper shade of the same color.

If you’d like to lighten things up, pair a dark roof and brick combination with white gutters and trim.

Best Roofs for Blue or Green Brick Houses

Blue and green are cool-toned colors that pair well with other cool tones and neutrals.

Gray, slate, or black roofing always suits blue or green brick. You can also use deeper tones of the same color.

These are highly versatile and forgiving colors. So, play around with different shades, depths, tones, and blends.

Best Roofs for Red Brick Houses

Red brick is always a classic. This richly saturated exterior needs a strong color to balance things out. It’s best to stick with deep red, rust, blue, or black.

Red or rust-colored roofing is a nice monochrome housing choice. If you pick this combination, try to keep the roof in the same shade as the brick.

Blue roofing with red brick is more adventurous but still gives a classic look.

Black roofing with red brick lends a house more presence and gravitas.

Is the Brick Patterned or Multicolor?

Patterned or multicolor brick is another popular housing exterior. This brings more visual interest.

The roof you choose must be strong and bold enough to stand up to the brick, but shouldn’t clash with it or make the house look busier.

Stick to deeper-toned colors and plainer roofing products. A deep, solid roof in a matching tone is a safe choice. 

What Kind of Roof Is It?

The roof makes up a significant portion of a home’s visible exterior. And a roof that’s higher, more elaborate, or one that has decorative elements makes more of a statement.

The roof’s pitch – or steepness – can turn the material you’ve chosen into a standout feature or something that’s barely seen.

If the pitch is very low, you may want to use a brighter or lighter product that makes the roof more prominent.

If the pitch is high, consider whether or not the color or product texture will become an eyesore.

What Architectural Style Was the House Built In?

It’s important to consider the home’s architectural style when deciding on a roof. The roofing materials must enhance the other features of the home and grounds.

Is the home built in a colonial, Georgian, American Federal, Gothic Revival, Romanesque, or other historic style? Look into historically accurate roofing materials.  

Is it classic and traditional? Or edging into modern but still on the more conservative side? These brick houses do well with neutrals, dark colors, and plainer roofing products.

Is it an executive home? Look into dark slate or asphalt shingles.

What Kind of Roofs Go Well with Brick?

Asphalt shingles, slate, shake, and tile are ideal roofing choices for a brick house. Metal typically isn’t used on brick homes, but there’s nothing stopping you from making an adventurous design choice.


Dark slate roofing is an ideal choice for an executive-style house or houses with multicolored, patterned, or vibrant brick exteriors.


Thick shake tiles add warmth and rusticism to brick houses. These tiles also look elegant when used with light-colored brick.


Clay, terracotta, concrete, and synthetic tiling are other classic choices for brick exteriors. The richness of terracotta and clay tiles looks stunning when contrasted with a white or cream brick house.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are always an appropriate roofing choice. Shingles are the most versatile product and come in a range of colors.

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